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Nordsjælland 23-24 Special Kit Released

Nordsjælland 23-24 Special Kit Released

The new Nordsjaelland 2023-24 special kit was unveiled a couple of days back. It was designed by Nike and has already been utilized by the Danish Superliga.


See Nike’s Nordsjaelland 2023-24 Special Jersey below.

The Nike Nordsjaelland pride 2023-2024 shirt is inspired by the Challenge IV template that is white and has black accents. Custom printing is added in the shape of an arc of rainbows across the middle, which is broken by the sponsor’s logo.

Each logo is monochrome black to create a modern appearance.

Nike combine the Nordsjaelland 23-24 shirt special with white socks and shorts.

Made by Nike. Would you wear the Nordsjaelland special shirt? Leave a comment below.

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