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Leak Confirmed by Messi: Adidas to Release Remake Kits for Argentina and Germany

Leak Confirmed by Messi: Adidas to Release Remake Kits for Argentina and Germany

Fans, prepare to relive the most famous Adidas national kits from the history of football as Adidas will release the classic replica kits for Argentina as well as Germany.


The Adidas 2024 replica football kits pay tribute to the 1990s in the middle. It includes at minimum three replica kits, three to Argentina and two kits for Germany. It’s possible, but unlikely that any other countries, besides Argentina and Germany will receive remake kits as well.

Reminders for OTHER NATIONS WITHOUT ARGENTINA and GERMANY are not likely.Messi was already showing his Argentina replica kit on Twitter account in July 2023. This was an effective marketing tactic from Adidas. We also have a glimpse of the finished design.

Its Adidas Argentina 1994 kit will bring back memories of the shirt of thirty years ago. It features identical design and style as the original. It also features a small jacquard design, that was found on some, but not all the original models (Argentina featured it both with as well as not with the AFA jacquard design).

The Adidas Germany Euro 2024 remake kit brings back the original look of Euro 1996 shirts. The home version is classical, whereas the away kit features a dark green, with the bold Three Stripes in white, as well as details that match the German flag’s colors.

Argentina 1994 Kit Remake

The Adidas Argentina 1994 remake jersey is the exact design of the shirt of the past 30 years, which was worn for 1994’s World Cup.

The Adidas Germany Euro 1996 football kit is identical to the kit that was released nearly thirty years earlier. The previous German kit for home use in the 1990s were striking with contemporary designs, Adidas Germany 1996 returned to the classic style.

The Adidas DFB 1996 away shirt is the same style as the shirt of 1996. It’s mostly deep green and has bold Three Stripes in white plus detail with the colors of the German flag.

Adidas 2024 Remake Soccer Jerseys

  • Adidas will launch classic remake kits to Argentina as well as Germany
  • Messi previously showed off his Argentina the remake
  • Kits have the same style as the first kit, but with a few beautiful details added.
  • Remake shirts are launched around 2023 or early 2024.
  • There are other teams that could be added however it seems unlikely at this point.

Are you planning to purchase some of the Adidas Argentina and Germany replica kits? Tell us in the remarks below.

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