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All Adidas 23-24 Elite Team Third Kits Released

All Adidas 23-24 Elite Team Third Kits Released

Adidas have announced the 2023-2024 Elite Team third kits. AS Roma’s 23-24 Third Kit has not yet been released, however, Roma isn’t part of the Adidas Elite Team.


Adidas are home to five of the top soccer teams in the 23-24 season: Arsenal, Bayern, Madrid, Juventus & Manchester United. The kits of the non-elite team Roma and Ajax are included too. This is the Adidas 2023-2024 Elite Third Kits launched from the beginning of August 2023 to 18 August 2023.

Three of the jerseys, Juventus, Real Madrid as well as Arsenal have a tiny Polo collar that has an attached button. Three of the kits are also adorned with name of the team at the top of each collar.Apart from the normal third kits Adidas will also launch an “Lifestyler” model of every kit. The kits will feature the original Adidas Performance logo, no sponsors, and no raglan sleeves, and distinctive and unexpected materials.

Adidas 23-24 Lifestyler Third Shirts

Real Madrid 23-24 Third Kit

The same Prevolved Yellow color used on the Madrid 2023-2024 away and home kits.

Arsenal 23-24 Third Kit

Bayern Munchen 23-24 Third Kit

The Adidas Bayern Munich 2023-2024 third shirt is a combination of off-white and deep red. Bayern Munchen 23-24 third shirt be noticed is the logo.

Manchester United 23-24 Third Kit

The Adidas Manchester United 2023-2024 third jersey is mostly off-white and has the red flecks.

Juventus 23-24 Third Kit

The Jeep logo and Adidas logo both have grey. The Juventus logo’s crest is white.

AS Roma 23-24 Third Kit

Ajax 23-24 Third Kit

The Adidas Ajax 2023-24 third jersey differs in comparison to last year’s Sand-colored Daily sheet kit.

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