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Chelsea 23-24 Third Kit Leaked

Chelsea 23-24 Third Kit Leaked

update: Football Headlines may be leaking into the Nike Chelsea 2023-2024 third training top. The color scheme is the same like the second kit that is an icy mint green along with grey and black. Both kits are scheduled to launch the middle of September or early in the month of September 2023.

Nike Chelsea 2023-2024 Third Training

This confirms previously leaked images.

In the clip, Chelsea are playing against Manchester City. It’s almost like the look of a kit battle – lighter blue and lighter teal.

This confirms Footy Headlines’ previous leak.The Chelsea 2023-2024 third kit color coded “Mint Foam”, which is a mild mint green. The photos leaked from @infinitechelsea show a wrong color of minty blue The official website of Footy Headlines have corrected the color.

Chelsea 2023-2024 Third Kit – Off-Colors vs Fixed Colors

Version 1.0: We can leak 90% precise image of the mint color Chelsea 3rd kit to wear next season. There are only a few minor details distinct from the kit that will be released mostly

The other elements are also 100% precise.


The Nike Chelsea FC 2023-2024 third shirt will be a mint-colored green, and more specifically, ‘Mint Foam’. The color of the accent is black.
Mint green has not been a first for the club in its past. The 1987-87 season was the first time Chelsea produced their own kits and even had a mint green away kit. Umbro was brought in a year later and then introduced a mint green substitute kit.

The design of it is a modern design. Nike Chelsea 2023-24 3rd football shirt has a modern look. In fact, it’s like it’s Nike Inter 23-24 third kit however it has some additional graphics on the collar as well as the and cuffs.

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