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What’s next? Turkish League Now Allows “Side Sponsor”

What's next? Turkish League Now Allows 'Side Sponsor'

The Turkish league’s organisers TFF have taken an untimely decision on sponsorship of the kits in this season 2023-24. Side sponsors are now permitted. Let’s review how it was decided and what this could mean for the coming season.


Already allowing sponsors to appear on chests, backs and sleeves After allowing sponsors on the back, chest and sleeves TFF has announced the introduction of sponsoring side events just before the beginning in the season 2023-24. The precise dimensions and location aren’t yet established.

Possible appear

This could mean that the rather new location for the sponsor logo (for larger football leagues) is gaining the popularity. It is possible that other leagues of similar size or larger leagues will take note of it.

In the last few years Individual sleeve sponsors and back sponsorships have become a fixture across a variety of leagues.

There are many smaller leagues that have had sponsors permitted on the sides of kit, but the enormous number of sponsors has never made it unique.

What do you think about this rule change in the Turkish league? Do you think that other leagues will choose to use the kits’ sides as locations for sponsors? Leave a comment below.

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