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Heerenveen 23-24 Third Kit Released

Heerenveen 23-24 Third Kit Released

The brand new Heerenveen third kit has been released this morning. It was designed by Macron and will be used during the Eredivisie 23-24.


Take a look at Macron’s Heerenveen 23-24 shirt, the third shirt of Heerenveen here.

The Macron SC Heerenveen 2023-2024 jersey has a black color with matte-finish waterlily leaves on the body. The white and blue stripes encircle the end of sleeves.

The logos of all sponsors appear on the Macron Heerenveen 2023-2024 third shirt are white. The club’s logo is displayed in full shade. The hemline’s interior is blue, with the slogan written in Ditch written in the inside.

Made by Macron. What do you think about Heerenveen’s 3rd shirt?

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