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Adidas Teams Twinned By Camo Design: Here Is Why

Adidas Teams Twinned By Camo Design: Here Is Why

It is possible that you have observed during the release period that like always, a lot of Adidas teams appear to have similar images on their kits. Of course, this isn’t a coincidence. Let’s examine the reasons why this keeps going on.


Since the beginning of time there’s been football kits the brands have been working to streamline designs with a variety of elements being carried over from one the team to the team. It’s the same in the current football shirt generation and every year, there are fresh repeating designs.

Certain graphic choices for certain graphic options, like hoops or stripes The designs may not be distinct enough to warrant an inquiry into reused design. When there is a need for distinctive graphics repeated designs diminish the individuality of each.

As the release of kits grows, these unique images begin to catch the eye due to the fact that they continue to appear in different clubs and leagues.

The source of the issue is the customizing service called Locker Room (formerly mi Team) that provides a variety of options that can be customized. In the future, there’s a chance that you’ll see identical uses for the same images, resulting in duplicate designs.

Many of the distinctive designs draw focus on their design rather than the actual shades used.

What are your thoughts on Adidas”repeating” graphics across various clubs? Leave a comment below.

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