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Improved Inter Milan 23-24 Paramount+ Home Kit

Improved Inter Milan 23-24 Paramount+ Home Kit

Italian soccer club Inter Milan have teamed up with Paramount+ as their main sponsor for the 2023-24 football season, with their Paramount+ sponsor logo on the front. Would the kit for home be improved with a few minor modifications to the logo of the sponsor?


The Footy Headlines replace the complete Paramount+ logo with a text-only logo, that can be seen on their kit for away. We also changed the logo’s hue from white to yellow in order to more closely match the color scheme of the kit.

If they were required to do so, we believe most fans would favor using the Paramount+ logo in yellow and the logo is text-only. However, the logo that is text-only can only be seen for the Inter 23-24 away kit which has a space that was optimized for Inter’s former partner, Digitalbits.

Nike and all other independent retailers offer Inter Milan 23-24 kits. Inter Milan 23-24 kits sponsorless and if you have the right printing equipment, you could reproduce our idea in reality.

Inter 23-24 Home Kit Paramount+ Logo Concept

Inter Milan could look better by using an unidirectional Paramount+ logo

The logo has also been changed from white to yellow match kit

Logo with text only expected to be used on kits for away use and will not appear on any future kit

What do you do you think about Inter Milan’s home kit, which has the only text Paramount+ logo in a more slack yellow? Tell us via the comment section below.

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