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Kilmarnock 23-24 Home, Away, Third & Goalkeeper Kits Released

Kilmarnock 23-24 Home, Away, Third & Goalkeeper Kits Released

The brand new Killie third kit went on sale on Wednesday. It is the final piece of the Scottish team’s kit. The Kilmarnock 23-24 kits were designed by Hummel and will be used during the 23-24 Scottish Premiership.


See Hummel’s Kilmarnock FC 2023-24 jersey below.

The Hummel Kilmarnock FC home shirts 2023-2024 is a throwback to the 90s. The shirt features white and blue stripes as well as an open collar that has red details.

The majority of the back part of the Hummel Kilmarnock 2023-24 football home shirt sports the blue name and number.

Killie Blue shorts as well as socks featuring Hummel chevrons finish the style.


It’s the brand all-new Hummel Kilmarnock away shirt for 2023-2024.

The Hummel Kilmarnock 23-24 away shirt features a striking style that is influenced by the amazing discovery of penicillin by the world-renowned researcher Sir Alexander Fleming, who studied at Kilmarnock.

The look that is featured on this Hummel Kilmarnock FC 23-24 away jersey is inspired by the visual components of penicillin that were first discovered in 1928 by Fleming at the time of 1928. The chemical formula of the first antibiotic in history is incorporated into the brand new red crimson Hummel Kilmarnock off-season jersey. The design is complemented by an illuminating cyber blue pattern that highlights the style.


The third jersey is Kilmarnock FC 2023-2024 third jersey designed by Hummel.

The Hummel Kilmarnock 2023-24 3rd jersey will be the same jersey like the previous season’s, only with brand new sponsor logos. Contrary to the last year the color scheme of the sponsor logos are matched to the color of the shirt.

The Hummel Killie 23-24 third soccer shirt is a tribute to the goalkeeper’s shirt of 1993-1994.


This is the Hummel Killie home jersey for goalkeepers to be worn from 2023-24.

The colours used on Hummel Killie 2023-24’s Hummel Killie 2023-24 goalkeeper’s home football shirt vary between Killie Blue and Killie Blue selected to emphasize the different streams that traverse the surrounding terrain.

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The Hummel Kilmarnock FC 23-24 football shirt retails for 55 GBP.

Are you a fan of do you like the Kilmarnock Home, Away third, and goalkeeper’s shirt designed by Hummel? Let us know below.

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