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Bayern München 23-24 Away Kit Leaked – Purple Numbers

Bayern München 23-24 Away Kit Leaked - Purple Numbers

Updating: SPORT1 journalist Kerry Hau posted two images from the Bayern 23-24 away shirt available for auction in Tokyo. It is notable for the colour of the print on the back that seems to be more unexpectedly purple than white.

Bayern 23-24 Away Kit – New Pictures

Bayern 23-24 Away & Third Kits – Launch Dates

Latest Update Bayern Munich today announced their opponent in the summer tour 2023. The German champions are set to play Manchester City, Kawasaki Frontale and Liverpool in Japan as well as Singapore.

The images that will reveal this news will again show the colors as well as the globe-shaped design of the club’s away kit for 23-24. It is likely it is it will be the Bayern Munich 23-24 away kit will be launched on the tour by the close of July 2023..

Changes: It is unclear if this was an intentional move or not. FC Bayern Munich have accidentally verified that they are wearing their Adidas 23-24 home kit with an image promoting the 2023 summer Tour.

The new look for the Bayern 23-24 away kit reveals an intricate diamond-shaped globe. The design is likely not inspired by the infamous Shibuya Crossing that is located in Tokyo. Shibuya Crossing is the world’s most popular pedestrian crossing up to 3000 people passing through at any one moment.

The Bayern Munich Audi 2023 Summer Tour is an effort by Bayern to engage with fans all over the world, and to expand their following throughout Asia. Bayern will host two games in Tokyo with one match with Manchester City and one against an unnamed opponent.

The new Bayern Munich 2023-24 away kit has obviously designed through Adidas and will wear during the upcoming Bundesliga season.


The image shows the brand new Adidas FC Bayern away soccer shirt that will be available in 2023-24.

The Adidas Bayern Munchen 23-24 away jersey features a distinctive colour combination that is unique to the Bavarian team – it blends an black base color and purple and green.

Bayern has never worn the black, green and purple jersey throughout their history.

The Three Stripes are purple, and the logos on the front are a bright, green. The numerals and names are in purple.

Modern patterns that is green and purple composed of traditional diamonds of the club, finishes off the contemporary style.

Inside the collar, you will find an edgy interpretation of the Mia San Mia phrase and a globe on the background.

The Adidas FC Bayern Munchen 23-24 away shirt is on sale from July 2023.

Are you pleased the fact that Adidas have a new approach to this Bayern Munchen 23-24 away kit? We’d love to hear your opinions in the comments section below this article. Also, check out the 23-24 Kit Overview to find further information about the football kits for 23-24..

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