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Parma 23-24 Away & Goalkeeper Away Kits Released

Parma 23-24 Away & Goalkeeper Away Kits ReleasedParma 23-24 Away & Goalkeeper Away Kits Released

Parma Calcio’s brand new 2023-2024 goalkeeper and away shirts have been released on the day. The shirts are manufactured for Puma and will debut for the following year’s Serie B campaign.


The jersey is this is the Parma Calcio 1913 2023-24 away jersey made by Puma.

The Puma Parma 23-24 away football shirt is a tribute to Parma’s history, sporting the iconic blue and yellow horizontal stripes that evoke Parma’s colours from more than two decades in the past.


Take a look at the Puma Parma 2023-2024 Goalkeeper Away soccer shirt here.

This Puma Parma Calcio 23-24 Goalkeeper Away Shirt is based on the iconic PUMA jersey from the 1990s that has been updated and given a contemporary style. The shirt is adorned with the Puma Navy shade featuring an Golden Poppy crew neck collar as well as a pattern with Electric Blue Lemonade and Golden Poppy details.

Puma Parma Calcio 1913, 23-24 Away as well as goalkeeper jerseys are priced at EUR80.

Made by Puma. What do you think of the Parma’s goalkeeper and away jerseys?

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