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Southampton 23-24 Third Kit Leaked

Southampton 23-24 Third Kit Leaked

The latest Southampton third shirt has been released this morning. It’s made by Hummel which is a sponsor of and is expected to be used during the 23-24 Championship.


Take a look at Hummel’s Southampton 23-24 third shirt here.

The Hummel Saints 2023-24 3rd jersey is a dark black jersey with a yellow accent as well as a delicate graphic which has been inspired by the woods that surround Southampton.

It features a V-collar in black and yellow along with the aforementioned silver chevrons which are yellow.

Socks and black shorts should be the perfect match for the latest Hummel Saints 2023-24 3rd strip.

The leak is part of a programme for a upcoming game, which will be against Bournemouth on July 25.

What do you think of Southampton’s third team? Let us know in the comments in the comments below.

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